Common questions What is the standard size of a safe deposit box?

What is the standard size of a safe deposit box?

What is the standard size of a safe deposit box?

2 inches by 5 inches
A safe deposit box is a small, secure container that’s housed at a bank. The boxes can range in size from 2 inches by 5 inches to 10 inches by 15 inches or even larger. Costumers typically rent, and prices vary according to the bank and box size. To open the box, you typically need a key.

What if I lost my safety deposit box key?

Q: What happens if I lose my safe deposit keys? A: If one key is lost, bring in the remaining key and close the box. If both keys are lost, the box must be forced open by a safe deposit service company in your presence and at your expense.

How much does it cost to open a safe deposit box?

Safe Deposit Box prices vary from location and size. The Smallest sizes ranging from $150 – $300 annually. A FOB and Key fully refundable deposit is also required.

Can I open a secret bank account?

When you decide on the bank you would like to use to open your secret bank account, you will need to provide certain information about yourself. In the U.S., it is common policy for a bank to request your Social Security Number (SSN), phone number, birth date, and other personal identifiers.

Safe Deposit Box Sizes and Costs. In most banks, the smallest safe deposit box will be two by five by 12 inches (2 inches depth, 5 inches width, 12 inches length). A box of this size will be relatively cheap per year: think $15 to $35. The largest box (aside from the vault itself, which is so expensive it’s not even in the same category as a safe deposit box), will be around 15 by 22 by 22 inches (15 inches depth, 22 inches width, 22 inches length) and will cost you $100 to $300 per year.

How do you rent a safe deposit box?

A safe deposit box may be used to store valuables and important documents. You may rent a safe deposit box at a bank, a credit union and at other financial institutions. Decide who will have access to your safe deposit box. You may rent a box jointly with a spouse, a child or another family member. Choose a size of box.

How safe is a bank safe box?

By and large safe deposit boxes are safe. They are not, however, 100% safe. Whether it be theft, error or acts of nature (i.e. Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy), your best defense is to keep an accurate and detailed inventory of the contents of your safe deposit box. Photographs are a must.

Are safety deposit boxes fireproof?

Safe deposit boxes are fireproof, but not watertight. In Pittsburgh, it’s not unheard of for a bank vault to flood, so worrywarts may want to store paperwork in plastic bags as an extra precaution.