Common questions What is the typing game with the cars?

What is the typing game with the cars?

What is the typing game with the cars?

typeracer – the Global Typing Competition.

What is the best type racing game?

The 7 Best Online Typing Games You Can Play in a Browser

  • TouchType.
  • Desert Typing Racer.
  • Keyboard Ninja.
  • ZType.
  • Typing Attack.
  • TypeRacer.
  • Nitro Type.

What games are like nitro type?

The most popular multiplayer typing race games include Nitro Typing Racer, Type Race, Ninja Type Fight, HexType, KeyBall, KeyBricks, Dance Mat, Mavis Tomb, Keyboard Builder etc.

What is Turbo typing?

Turbo Typing is a free online game, where players type sentences as quickly and accurately as possible. After typing a short series of sentences, they will be shown metrics on their performance (such as words per minute, percentage error, and their fastest time between key presses).

What’s the rarest car in Nitro type?

The Wild 500
Being the rarest car in the game, The Wild 500 is only for the most dedicated Nitro Type players. Its rarity doesn’t stem from a special event or holiday prize. 50,000 races need to be finished before players get their hands on this elusive car.

What is the rarest car in Nitro Type 2021?

What are the best car racing games?

List Of Best Car Racing Games For Android. 1. Drag Racing Classic. 2. Asphalt 8: Airborne. 3. Hill Climb. 4. Real Racing 3. 5. GT Racing 2. 6. Raging Thunder 2. 7. Beach buggy blitz. 8. CSR racing . 9. Death rally. 10. Fast and Furious.

What are some good typing games for kids?

Tux Typing is a free typing game for kids for Windows. This is one of the best typing software for kids by which they can learn to type easily. Great graphics, good sound effects, and a cute Penguin character have made this game one of the most interesting games for keyboard practicing for kids.

What is typing practice?

Typing practice. Free timed typing practice with your own text. A scoreboard, optionally, tracks your progress. Objective of this typing practice is to drill multiple times new or difficult characters combinations using your text.